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Missing: 449 pounds

The Northwoods Biggest Loser Challenge round one is now over. Approximately 40 people began the journey from Northwoods Assembly and the community on Memorial Day weekend with the goal of losing weight and getting into shape. The challenge concluded on Labor Day weekend.

All were winners, losing anywhere from a couple of pounds to as much as 40 pounds, and a grand total of 449 pounds were lost for the three-month campaign.

The emerging overall winners were as follows: In 3rd place at a combined weight loss of 15.52%, they started at 444.5 pounds, now weighing in at 375.5, losing a total of 69 pounds--Dallas and Rosa Whipps. In 2nd place at a combined weight loss of 15.64%, they started at 406 pounds, now weighing in at 342.5 pounds, losing a total of 63.5 pounds--Pastor Dirk and Bobbie Currier. In first place at a combined weight loss of 18.0%, they started at 411 pounds, now weighing in at 337 pounds, losing a total of 74 pounds--Ron and Judy Monson. Although there is no cash prize award for 4th place, we felt it necessary to make mention of a team that had a combined weight loss of 14.68%, losing a combined 65.5 pounds--Kurt and Michelle Rothwell.

"People are feeling good and having to buy new clothes. Some even had to buy a new dress at 5 dress sizes smaller. Our goal was to show that if you have a goal, and a time frame, and the proper encouragement, that anyone can move towards a healthier and happier life," says Pastor Currier.

Anyone can join in on round 2 called "Fit for the Holidays."

Beginning on Wednesday, September 17, with a 6 p.m. orientation, anyone else who would like to join up can be on the way to a happier and healthier life. The cost is $30 with a prize in the end of $500 for the first place couple. They also have a challenge and prize for those who want to tone up with a challenge that will measure body fat.

Each week an email is sent to encourage and challenge you. Monthly we meet for weigh ins and input on health, fitness and nutrition.

If you would like to get "Fit for the Holidays" you can call the church at 346-5433 or Doreen Nelson at 371-7894. You can also get more info at An application is also available at the Northwoods Church, the P.A.C.C., or Curves for Women.