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Positive Parenting: Free family night at Perham elementary Oct. 2

'Positive Parenting: Laugh and Learn with Corwin Kronenberg' will be a free presentation open to all parents and community members.

The free Corwin Kronenberg presentation for parents will be held on Thursday, October 2, from 6:00 - 7:30, in the Heart of the Lakes Elementary School Gymnasium.

There will also be free supervised activities provided throughout the school for school age children.

If you need care for younger children, please contact the HOTL Office at 218-346-KIDS.

Corwin is a highly sought after expert and speaker on the topics of self-concept and discipline. Come and join us for a fun filled entertaining and educational night. Corwin will use enthusiasm, drama, and humor to share his message about:

-Parenting with love and limits (the foundation of responsibility)

-Avoiding mini lectures and power struggles (the destroyers of responsibility)

-Dealing with the behavior con games (the child's attempt to avoid responsibility)

-Implementing restorative consequences (the key to responsibility)

-Holding children responsible (a process for teaching responsibility)

The event is sponsored by Women of Focus. For more information, call 218-346-KIDS.