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Ottertail pleased with water report

A week before their Sept. 18 meeting, several Ottertail city representatives met with Henning Mayor Jim Hermanson to discuss water-related issues for the first six months of 2008.

"We were really pleased to find in this last meeting that we actually have a surplus," said councilmember Don Patrick, who attended the meeting along with Ottertail Mayor Raymond "Ole" Mounts and city coordinator Lee Sherman.

Patrick reported to the council that the city of Ottertail had a $939 surplus for the first six months of the year. This number would suggest that the current rates the city is charging for water are adequate to cover their expenses.

The city of Ottertail purchases their water from Henning, and periodically meets with Henning representatives to review water usage and expenses. The last report, covering January through June of 2008, showed that Ottertail used 49 percent of the water used by the two cities.

Sherman noted that much of the heavy usage was pushed back later into the year than normal, likely due to this year's late spring.

Instead of accepting a check for the surplus from Henning, the council decided to leave the money in the coffers in case it is needed during the next six months.