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We need 535 more Sarah Palin's

I find the argument that lack of experience disqualifies Sarah Palin from becoming Vice President to be absurd. If experience were truly important, we all know that Barack Obama would not be worthy of consideration to become our next President.

I would instead argue that maybe it is experience, not lack of it, that is actually contributing to the problem with today's government. The challenges faced by this country were not created by one man or one administration, but by a combination of hundreds of elected officials with oodles of experience.

As a professional woman who has worked hard to balance family and career, I am excited to support Sarah Palin. As a concerned citizen who is fed up with the lack of responsibility and accountability by the career politicians we have in Washington, I find her to be refreshing, and wish there were more candidates like her to clean out congress.


Tammy Sturdevant, Perham