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Sarah Palin is the real deal

Much has been said about the candidacy of Gov. Sarah Palin on the Republican ticket to stand with Senator McCain. Many have questioned her qualifications, her character, even the reasons she was asked to run with McCain.

A letter in last week's EB said that Gov. Palin's candidacy would be laughable if not so important. However, what is laughable is the pompous attitude and the twist of the facts, even the ommission of some very important facts, that the opposing ticket and their supporters would have you believe.

It is said that John McCain did not properly "vet" Sarah Palin, some going so far as to say it was a last minute appointment. The Washington Post reports that as far back as February, McCain and Palin met but nobody found out...Well, how dare he? Not tell the opposition what his plans were and the arrogance, to imply that if they did not know about it, it simply did not happen. John McCain knows how politics work, and keeping his decisions close until he decides was a mark of a true leader, not one who listens to polls, but does what he feels is right by the American people. And Senator McCain, you have done so right by the American people. You picked a woman who will keep a secret, she surely can be trusted with our national security...

The opposing campaign would have us believe that Gov. Palin does not have enough executive experience. Again, the attitude and their facts are laughable, but then, it would seem that with the in-experience at the top of the DFL ticket, they would not want facts to be known or comparisons made.

Gov. Palin is, as governor, the Commander in Chief of the Alaska State Defense Forces (ASDF) a federally recognized militia incorporated into Homeland Security's counter-terrorism plans. Gov. Palin is most likely privy to military and intelligence secrets vital to the entire nation's defense. Considering her state's proximity to Russia, she may well have security clearances we do not know about. She is also the Commander of the Alaska National Guard, which is the first line of defense in our Missile Interceptor Defense system. The 49th Missile Defense Battalion of the guard is on permanent active duty. Again, she is their Commander in Chief. Also, as governor, she managed 17,000 personnel and a 9 billion dollar budget. When confronted by the facts, the top of the opposing ticket said that he has been running his campaign and he has 2,500 employees that he is managing. What??? First, does he not have layers of workers that make these decisions with him, as opposed to The Buck Stops on the Governor's Desk? But then, he does have that Community Organizer thing going for him, so maybe that compared to a Governor really does show a draw.. laughable....And as a community organizer, what was he organizing and, better yet, with whom was he organizing? It warrants looking into. Yes, the top of ticket is a Senator but what Buck Stops with them? They have but one vote and it seems that the Senator did a lot of voting "present" in the short 144 days he served in the Senate before running for the presidency. Leadership? I can't see it...

Governor Sarah Plain is the real deal. She is one of us, and has made her way to where she is today with hard work and with a refreshingly open and down-to-earth attitude. A mom, a wife, a small business owner, a mayor and a governor. She, nor her candidacy, is laughable, but would serve us because she is one of us. What the opposition sees as negative, one of us, working for us, I find refreshing and can only say God Speed. We should be so lucky as to have you working for our country.

God Bless our Troops and God Bless America!!!


Susan Nelson