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Steps suggested to help build skate park

I am pleased to learn that the size of the Skate and Bike Park and the location had selected. I believe that I am the only person who had seen SBP built. During my 21 years in southern TX, I saw three communities build parks and I followed the building every time as I wanted to build one for Perham.

Five years ago I have the Park Board a brochure on items that go on SBP and also a vcr tape on SBP. I also got estimates from the cement supplier and three cement contractors and gave them to the Park Board.

The committee in charge now should build the cement base for the park, then in the winter go to the many organizations that help community with income from pull tabs or other means and get them to buy some of the facilities to make up the Park. The should extend to Ottertail, Dent, Richville, NYMill's and Frazee, besides Perham as their kids will be using the Park. Even churches might be interested. Get the prices from the Duluth firm that builds Parks. It will be easier to do when some building has been done.

The city has a crew that can participate, by taking the turf off the area, leveling the 6 inch rock base, laying the reinforced steel for the 8 inch top cement slab, putting in the forms. Possibly local volunteers will also help.

I offered $10,000 in the spring for the SBP, but withdrew my offer when the deadline for some action had not been taken. I may have some money to offer a bit later. I will be happy to meet with some members of the committee. However, I now suffer some disabilities so can't get out of the house very much.


Harley Karvonen