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'Dinner with a Sinner'

The public is invited to a special "Dinner with a Sinner" at Northwoods Church on Wednesday, October 29, beginning at 6 p.m.

There is a dinner that will be served with dessert. With the dinner a special "sinner" guest will be there being interviewed. The event will be much like watching a Leno or Letterman show, complete with commercial video breaks.

This dinner event will feature a local woman who grew up in a church. She went to Sunday School, and even led Bible Studies, when all of a sudden her teenage years were shaken up as she found herself pregnant and facing some serious decisions.

Come and find out how this happened and why, to this very day, one simple decision as a teen has affected her life every day. You will discover the faith, the fears, the failures and the hope that she has found.

Please e-mail or call the church at or 218-346-5433 to let them know that you are coming.

The dinner with a sinner concept is taken from the scriptures when Jesus was invited to a home for a dinner that was quickly interrupted by a sinful person who came in. That uncomfortable dinner evening revealed that there was more than one sinner at the meal that night.