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Supports Doug Huebsch for county board

I would like to encourage everyone to vote for Doug Huebsch for County Commissioner. Doug has the all around background that is needed for the job. He is a farmer, a businessman, a father for kids in school, and most importantly an involved citizen. Doug participates in the community and supports positive activities.

One of Doug's unique traits is that he is a listener; he will listen to your needs and problems and look for positive solutions. I think that is very important in a County Commissioner.

As a farmer and businessman he also wants to spend money wisely and keep costs to a minimum. That is called common sense and Doug has a lot of common sense. He is the kind of person we need to lead us and speak out on our behalf on the east side of the county.

Please join me in voting for Doug Huebsch for County Commissioner on November 4.


Mike Parta