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How can I make a difference?

As you stand in the voting booth on November 4th, please ask yourself "What can I do to make a difference?" We read newspapers. We watch national television news reports. We buy gas. We know and understand that there are many events happening around us that we have little control over. However, one thing we can influence is the level of funding we will provide to educate our children, our grandchildren, and our neighbors children. What opportunities are we willing to give them?

Our school board, who we elected to set direction for our school district has determined that we cannot give the kids of the Perham-Dent school district a competitive education, an education that will give them the tools they need to be successful unless we provide additional revenue into the budget. The students need our help.

The State of Minnesota is underfunding schools, we all agree with that and we all know it is a problem. We have heard a legislator in recent days ask us to be patient while they fix the state funding problem because it will take time. They are working on a solution but we need this levy to continue to maintain our current level of academic programs until the solution can be implemented.

For many of us, this levy will cost between 35 and 75 cents per day. Our school district is asking for a levy of $695 per pupil unit which is considerably less than many of the districts in our area and below the state average of $ 900 per pupil unit. In addition, the board has stated publicly that they will levy only what is needed to balance the budget and keep a small but adequate reserve to prevent the school from sliding into statutory operating debt. In recent years our school board has made good business decisions in setting direction for the school district and we have faith that they will continue to do that with our tax dollars.

We likely cannot solve the problems of Wall Street, but we can take care of our Main Street. This investment in our children is guaranteed to produce positive returns into the future. It will provide positive results for the kids as well as positive results for the communities that support the district. We urge you to vote YES for the education levy on November 4th. Together we can do this for our kids and for our communities.


Pat Nordick

Staci Malikowski

"Together for Kids"