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Voting 'yes' is a choice of great wisdom

Grandfather Thier was a successful farmer who was always interested in the goodness of people and shared his wisdom until age 92. He strongly instilled the philosophy what "for those who have much, more is expected of them."

In the Perham area, the adage, "good begets good" seems to prevail because of a history of visionary people possessing and exercising wisdom in their decision making. In 1875, these people built a wooden structured school building even though there was a public school population of zero. They knew if the community was to prosper, a good school was essential.

The Perham School Board has made difficult and deliberate decisions always in favor of providing the best educational opportunities for students, while being fiscally responsible. They have hired outstanding school administrators, who have attracted outstanding professionals, who have provided the essential background for our students to achieve at superior levels while in school and upon securing employment. This included the entire spectrum of abilities while emphasizing the wonderful "people qualities" which these students practice.

Upon studying very thoroughly our school district performance it would definitely be proven true that the Perham School District is extremely effective and efficient in providing an excellent education.

Grandfather Thier was definitely a visionary with great wisdom, but he was also direct. I would expect on the school referendum revenue he would say, "The State isn't doing their part, so we have to make up the difference because it's necessary for continued success. Always remember that to give is to receive and for those who have much, more is expected of them." Thank you for voting Yes on the school referendum revenue!


Jim Szarke