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Support for Barack Obama

The recent letters to the editor attacking the character of Barack Obama need to be answered. The smears, "swift boat" rhetoric, dirty tricks, and misinformation spewed by the letter writers and the party they support are more than untrue and incorrect, they are shameful. Voting for a president should be considered an honorable, patriotic act decided by the individual's values, beliefs, and vision for America. Debasing the election process with suggestions that Barack Obama is anti-American, promotes voter fraud, pals around with terrorists, denies gun ownership to hunters, will raise taxes (when he has clearly stated no one who makes less than $250,000 will see a raise in their taxes), or any other lies, insults every American whatever their political choice.

After six years of a Republican Congress and eight years of an administration led by George W. Bush who maintains the lowest approval rating in recent history, the election comes at a time when our country is in great peril. As a people, we have been lied to about a war with its loss of over 4,000 American lives and thousands of injured whose lives have been forever altered; plus the thousands of innocent Iraqis who have died. This war further contributed to the budget deficit, energy crisis, national debt and economic turmoil.

The "trickle down" theory espoused by the Republicans since Ronald Reagan, and supported by John McCain, claims money made by big companies and corporations supported by the government through tax cuts and deregulation and lack of oversight will flow down to the workers on the bottom. What we have seen instead is a flood of national debt, rising gas prices, loss of homes, jobs, retirement monies, savings, and morale.

The Republican mantra of "no taxes/less government" is unrealistic when one stops to consider a democracy needs capital and leadership to serve its people.

John McCain's "Country First" motto belies his pandering to the right wing extremists and poor judgment in choosing inexperienced Sarah Palin as a running mate. It seems he will put whatever he hopes will get him elected first. Furthermore, because of his support of George W. Bush's policies and despite his own 26 years as a Senator, McCain has not been able to affect the changes he claims he will if elected President.

Questions I would like to ask McCain and Palin in a town hall meeting format that McCain claims to favor are: Senator McCain, if you know how to get Osama bin Laden as you claim at your rallies, why haven't you shared this information with the administration?

And, for Governor Palin. Do you consider the First Dude's past membership in a political party that wants Alaska to secede from the Union patriotic?

Instead of distractions, let's concentrate on the issues of this campaign: the economy, the energy crisis, health care, education reform, ending the Iraqi war and pursuing al Qaeda, supporting the veterans who have served us so well, reducing taxes for the middle class and reclaiming America's promise.

And, for those who may feel the color of a candidate's skin is more important than his intelligence, education, life experience, knowledge, understanding of the issues and plans for America's future, I say "Get over it!"

Barack Obama is the man for our time. He is the Change We Need!


A patriotic American, Dorothy Eskeli