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Vote 'freedom first' this election

I am writing this letter because I feel that the Supreme Court and Second Ammendment issues have not been discussed enough in this election year.

In Barack Obama we have a candidate who has voted against our gun rights at every opportunity. This is not propoganda - it is political record. Before the recent Supreme Court ruling affirming our individual right to bear arms, Obama was quoted on CNN as saying that he beleived the Washington D.C. total ban on handguns and any unlocked firearm in the home was "constitutional". He was endorsing a law that, in all practical terms, made self defense with a gun illegal. This is an extreme view against our rights and shows exactly where he stands. His running mate is the same and has been working against our rights for most of his adult life. By these actions we know the type of federal judges they will nominate. It is amazing to me how liberal judges somehow find abortion in the constitution but can't read the clear words of the second ammendment. When it comes to this issue we have clear choices both for the presidency and for the senate. Al Franken is just as radically to the left as about any politician in America. With an Obama white house and Democrat Congress, the liberals would have an easy path for all of their gun control and other anti-freedom schemes.

I can not vote for people who consistently work to deny all of us our basic right to defense of life and liberty- while in many cases they have 24-hour personal armed body guards (secretservice). The facts are all available for those that wish to know the truth.

At this time I would also like to voice my support for Mark Murdock for House Seat 10B. I have known Mark for many years and know he will stand up for our rural values, our small bussineses, and all of our freedoms.

Please vote Freedom First this November 4th.


Dan Loerzel, Perham