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'Scoundrels' in party politics

When Obama was on his trip to Europe, he was accused of acting like he was president already. However he said he was a symbol, probably because he was the first African-American to make that a serious effort. Do the Democrats expect to get a symbol elected to the White House? A man who really hasn't done anything in the two years he has been a US Senator; Who in his days as an IL State Senator, he voted "present" about 150 times as he didn't want to take a stand on the laws passed there?

Obama, a man who attended church for 20 years with a minister that preached only hate between white and blacks, maybe he slept through the services. Obama a man who has friends whose character can be questioned.

Then the Democrats in MN didn't think they had any qualified candidates in the state so they had to go to NY to get a person who has made his living being a foul mouth entertainer.

Then we have a Senator from MA Kennedy who after a night of drinking missed a bridge and put his lady of the evening, Mary Jane Kopechne, into the river at Chapaquitic. He got out of the car, left her there to drown. Came back the next day to report the accident, got nothing for it as his father Joe Kennedy and his millions earned during prohibition had influence over the MA legal system.

Then there was the US Representative in New Orleans who had the National Guard rescue one hundred thousand dollars he had saved in his deep freeze, money that he had received, it is reported, by bribes connected with his position as a government official.

We should also mention Clinton's right hand man who went into the National Archives, stole some files that probably would put Clinton in a bad light at the 9/12 hearings. He was only fined, and it is reported that Clinton paid the fine for him.

Sure, the Republicans have some scoundrels and maybe some Liberals will report on them.


Harley Karvonen