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The whole world on a wall

Pictured here are grade 7 students Austin Schultz, Peter White and Samie Roses, with Dean's Country Market manager Greg Keil.

The world on a wall--that's what Perham students now have as a learning tool in social studies class.

The map covers an entire wall, applied in eight large panels, much like wallpaper. It was purchased through the receipt program at Dean's Country Market, a program implemented last year. Families bring receipts from Dean's to the school, which then earns a "point" for each dollar on the receipt. Those points are, in turn, used to purchase education products.

In addition to Prairie Wind Middle School, St. Henry's and St. Paul's church schools are also participating.

Middle school social studies teacher Tricia Irvine said the immense image will be a real asset for class mapping projects and geography instruction.