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Special election needed to gauge levy support

The levy referendum went down on a technicality. What do we know?

We know about 6,000 voters participated in the Nov. 4 election. We know just under 2,000 voted in favor of the levy. We don't know, however, how many 'no' votes were actually cast. According to rules printed on the ballot, if the referendum question is left blank, it counts as a 'no' vote! In no other part of the democratic process is the voter's choice made for them if they fail to act, or choose not to participate, except the referendum question. So, unconcerned voters cast a 'no' vote whether they intend to or not. That is not fair!

The only way Perham/Dent can get a meaningful answer to the levy issue is to have voters address only the levy issue in a special election - then we will know the concern for our school!


Dave Oien, Ottertail