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Republicans talking themselves out of existence

After reading a lot of the letters in the last year, I cannot help but remind the writers of some of those letters of the real facts.

The biggest pork barrel budget in the history of this country, was 2005 under a Repulican President, Congress and Senate. They just charge everything instead of paying for it.

Obama's proposed budget, according to the experts, was 737 billion dollars. McCain's proposed budget was over a trillion dollars.

As far as the shriekers--Rush Limbaugh, Shawn Hannity, Bill O'Rielly and all the other blow hards who lie like rugs-- let them rant and rave. To me they are a great part of why the Republicans find themselves a great minority instead of a great majority.

They need to listen to the people instead of trying to tell the people what to feel and how to think.

They are going to talk themselves out of exisitence.


Marlowe Hahn, Perham