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Offended by church sign

As I drove into Perham to shop today, I was appalled by the sign I saw at the Northwood Assembly of God Church which read, "Will you be screaming or singing when you die?" I don't know if it was the arrogance or the ignorance that put this retired R.N. over the edge.

During my 40 years as a nurse in Critical Care, VA, and Psychiatric Units, I have witnessed death and it is not pretty. As a nineteen-year-old student nurse, an elderly lady collapsed and died peacefully in my arms. Only 10% of people die that way today in our modern society. If you have any doubts about death, ask the vets next door at the museum or the hospice nurses at Perham Memorial a couple of blocks away.

I have heard of good things done by people at Northwood Assembly and the other churches in Perham but these signs need some work. We do not need to judge people by the quality of their death.


Carolyn Teragawa, Dent