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Overland opens in new building

Pictured behind the new Overland Insurance front desk are, left to right, Harold Overland, Brenda Wilschewski, Jane Stowman, Shelley Marohl, Jessica Kukowski, and Nate Overland.1 / 2
Overland Insurance has now moved into their new office on 3rd Avenue SE in Perham.2 / 2

After 22 years in the Perham community, Overland Insurance had outgrown its former office space and the need for an expansion was growing.

This dream of an expansion was 10 years in the making, when owner Harold Overland first purchased a house on 3rd Avenue SE in Perham a decade ago. Five years later, he bought another house next to it, resulting in a large, highly-visible section of property on one of Perham's main drags.

Serving as general contractor for the project was Hammers Construction. Several other local contractors also assisted with the project.

It's been a little over a month now since the Overland Insurance team moved into their new office, and they're thoroughly enjoying their new facility.

"It's nice to have the extra space," says Harold Overland, who built the facility with not just their current needs, but also future plans for growth in mind. So far, they've already hired one new employee, bringing their number of full-time staff members up to six. When Overland's son, Nate started in the business two years ago, Harold knew it was time for the business to undergo an expansion.

One of the most unique additions in their new office is a video conferencing room. This allows them to meet via video conferencing with people throughout the country, saving them the time and financial burden of traveling to distant locations for meetings. "We're really electronically up-to-date," Overland remarked.

Harold Overland has been in the insurance business for 36 years, all of those in the city of Perham. With deep roots in the community, he views the highlight of his job as the opportunity to "help customers with claims and provide them with insurance protection."

Overland Insurance is a full line property and casualty insurance agency. They also offer health and life insurance.

With a new, expanded office and his son joining the business, Overland is looking forward to continuing to grow their operation. He built the current structure with room to expand, including office space for future employees.

"We won't change the way we do business," says Overland. "We'll probably just do more of it."