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Eagle Scout a family tradition for Gauwitz

Being an Eagle Scout doesn't make one live longer, but it sure shows the stamina one has to accomplish a great task before one's 18th birthday.

Greg Gauwitz was an Eagle Scout and passed away at age 55.

There is only about 2% of the Boy Scouts who accomplish the task of earning the Boy Scout rank of Eagle.

In the Gauwitz family there are 8 Eagle Scouts. First it was Grandpa Gauwitz and 3 sons. One was Greg's dad, Greg and his 2 brothers, then his son, Nick.

Greg was the Scout Master for Troop 321 for many years. His excellent handiwork, his sense of humor, and his willingness to always lend a helping hand up and down the south shore of Little Pine Lake will be greatly missed.

Greg's wife, Carla is also a giver of self. She was a den mother in cub scouting and later a leader in the 4-H program. Carla has been to Jamaica three times to help the people there.

From what this writer knows about Boy Scouting, after being a Scoutmaster for 23 years, it seems that being a Scoutmaster's wife would be all a wife could take. However, that wasn't true with Carla Gauwitz.

This former Scoutmaster sure wishes he would of traded Scouting stories with Greg. I called Carla and asked her about any Scouting stories that Greg had told her. She related two or three.

One story was on a campout on Boy Scout hill. A Boy Scout lit a fire in an old, dead, hollow log that was sitting straight up. It seemed difficult to put the fire out, so Greg and his assistant sat up and watched it burn all night.

This former Scoutmaster did it differently. I told the Boy Scouts ghost stories so they would stay up all night and I could get some sleep.

I would have liked to ask Greg if he could top this one. We were camping on the island in Star Lake. We had just fed the Scouts a big pancake breakfast and sent them out of the cabin to work on their advancement and they could get their firewood ready for their noon meal. One half hour later, the Scoutmaster went out to see how they were doing. Here was one Scout eating his noon meal. I asked if he was hungry already. He said. "Oh no, just wanted to get it over with."

Nick, we pray that you will become the writer you want to be. You have a storehouse of material in your Dad's stories. It's up to you to keep the Gauwitz chain of Eagle Scouts unbroken.