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'More Than Nothing' meeting Dec. 3

Due to the recent levy defeat, instead of getting a much needed $900,000, the school gets zero - nothing - not a dime. A community member, Alan Braten, owner of The Zone, came up with a campaign idea called, "More Than Nothing".

His idea is that both people who supported the referendum and even many of those who did not or could not may still be interested in donating money to the school district to help offset the 2009-2010 budget shortfall. Using his idea, the school may not get the $900,000 it needed, but it would get "More Than Nothing".

A work group is being formed to make these contributions move from a good idea to an actual event. Think about this: If loose change was saved each week, each person could likely make a one-time contribution of about $100. If 2,000 people did that, we're talking about a $200,000 budget relief fund which is definitely "More Than Nothing!" Families could probably generate even more. Civic and student groups may want to get in on the action and have fundraisers to help the "More Than Nothing" campaign.

The 549 Family Foundation, in cooperation with the school district and Together For Kids, is welcoming anyone interested to brainstorm ideas, set goals and get this campaign up and running ASAP! Donations made will go through 549 Family, are tax-deductible, and 100% will go to the school district.

Meeting Wednesday, December 3, at 7 p.m. at Perham High School Room 101.

Enter PHS door #1, turn left, first classroom on the left. See you there!


Jo Strege, 549 Family Foundation Coordinator