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Joyride in stolen PHS vehicle ends in rollover

After stealing a school vehicle, two juvenile Perham males ended up rolling the pick-up truck just west of town on Highway 10.

When the report of a crash came in around 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 2, an ambulance was sent to the crash site. However, the two 17-year-old males decided to flee the scene. "They had run off when the ambulance showed up," reported Perham Police Officer Todd Sandahl.

Perham Officer David Wiebe, who was on duty Tuesday night, started a search for the runaway juveniles. According to Sandahl, Officer Wiebe located the suspects near the Perham grain elevator. Also involved in the search for the juveniles were a New York Mills officer and a deputy officer. State patrol handled the accident.

The two males were taken to the hospital to get checked out. Neither party suffered injuries from the rollover.

According to Sandahl, Perham police originally received information about the stolen truck from a New York Mills officer. Perham police were contacted around 7 p.m. with information that a party was leaving Perham in a vehicle that was stolen.

The two juveniles were arrested for motor vehicle theft and were transported to the Moorhead detention center. In addition to motor vehicle theft, they could possibly face additional charges such as criminal damage to property and leaving the scene of an accident.