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Concerned about concert ticket prices

I am a freshman in Perham High School.

I am a member of the varsity choir and I was recently informed that there will be a fee at our Christmas concert.

Never in the history of the Kevin Kosiak era has there been a fee for any one of his concerts. This is the most absurd proportion this school has gone to. We are trying to make money and save money. I understand this, but do we really have to charge for concerts?

There are some students in my class whose parents cannot afford the fee to get in. A family of four with a child in the concert has to pay $13 to get in the door. That is a hefty sum for lower class families. That money could be going towards the essentials like food and bills.

All I'm trying to say is that this fee is unnecessary. Open the doors for the upper, middle, and lower classes.

Thank you.


9th Grade Choir Student, Perham High School