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Adult care facility proposed for Ottertail

A public hearing regarding a new adult foster care facility in Ottertail has been scheduled for Thursday, Dec. 18, coinciding with the city council's regular night meeting.

The hearing will start at 7:00 p.m. at the Ottertail community center. It will address a conditional use permit for a care facility proposed by Robert Jennings. According to Jennings, this facility will be used to provide care services for up to three residents.

These services will be provided in a home specifically converted to meet the state requirements. Jennings said that he has been in contact with the State Fire Marshall to make sure the residence is up to date.

"We've been licensed by the state and approved by the state and county already," said Jennings to the Ottertail council at a previous meeting.

The assisted living facility will be located at 115 West Avenue in the city of Ottertail. The house was willed to Jennings, and he serves as the executer of the estate.

Jennings reported that the fees charged for the care facility will depend on the needs of the individuals utilizing the home. He also said they plan to hire a Licensed Practical Nurse to work at the facility.

The types of individuals Jennings sees the facility as serving are not just the elderly, but also people with a variety of handicaps or those who are mentally challenged. He did say that their focus will primarily be on serving people who need light care, as opposed to people who are in need of constant assistance.