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PHS graduate Nicole (Glawe) Hoplin pens book honoring conservative philanthropists

Funding Fathers

In "Funding Fathers," a book which she co-authored, 1997 Perham gradute and Vergas native Nicole Hoplin (Glawe) examines the life stories of major conservative philanthropists who gave significant gifts of time, talent, or treasure to advance their ideas and have thus far, mostly received little credit for their sacrifices.

The book, which is also authored by Ron Robinson, was recently published this month by Regnery Publishing, Washington, D.C.

Hoplin's parents, Jon and Darla Glawe, along with much of her family, still live in Vergas. Although she currently resides in New York City, Hoplin frequently returns to visit her family in the lakes area.

Money is the mother's milk of politics; battles are fought constantly about who gives money to whom, how much is too much, how it is used, and whether giving money constitutes free speech. But all donors are not created equal, it seems. Liberal donors are lauded by the press for their selflessness, while conservative donors are labeled "nutty" and "extremist." This political discrimination is just one of the reasons Ron Robinson and Nicole Hoplin wrote Funding Fathers: The Unsung Heroes of the Conservative Movement.

Without the contributions made by the men profiled in this book, conservatives would not have The Heritage Foundation or Young America's Foundation to help propagate conservative ideas, they would not have Human Events or National Review to communicate the conservative point-of-view, and Ronald Reagan may never have become president.

"It is important to us to honor the contributions of these men. They made the Conservative Movement a force to be reckoned with," says Robinson. "Hopefully this book will inspire others to get involved in causes they believe in, to support them financially, and to contribute their time and energy to organizations dedicated to improving America's future."

In Funding Fathers, readers will learn:

---Conservative families give more money to charity than liberal families...even though liberals earn more.

---How the mainstream media discourages conservative philanthropy, either by ignoring substantial gifts, or demonizing conservative donors.

---How an exiled Russian prince became an American inventor and entrepreneur and helped save the Reagan Ranch for generations of young conservatives.

"There are so many interesting people profiled in this book," says co-author Nicole Hoplin. "They were passionate, committed to their ideals, fiercely intellectual, and wonderfully generous. I'm proud that their contributions will finally be recognized."

Funding Fathers is now available for order through Barnes & Noble and Amazon.