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Perham HS students earn 586 college-level credits through advanced classes offered locally

Perham-Dent students and families may have saved nearly $90,000 in tuition costs in the 2008-2009 school year.

Administration at the Perham Dent schools has been preparing an annual report for the school board, which illustrates how many college prep and advanced placement course offerings have been completed by high school students.

A total of 99 students received advanced standing certificates, and each earned an average of 1.9 credit certificates.

In total, 189 certificates were earned in four seperate classes offered in Perham: Accounting I and II; Computer Applications I and II; Computer Programming; and Web Page Design.

The certificates earned represent 586 total Tech Prep College Credits. Based on a resident tuition rate for a resident at most state schools, this is a total savings to families of about $87,706.