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Schools gain as pounds are lost

Want to lose weight and help support local schools at the same time?

The answer is a 'Weight Loss Throw Down,' organized to benefit the More Than Nothing campaign through the 549 Family Foundation. This campaign will help create a budget relief fund for Perham schools in 2009-2010, and is part of the "More Than Nothing" fundraising campaign.

Those interested in participating in the weight loss fundraiser should start by weighing in with Deb Shannon at the Prairie Wind Middle School office. Participants may weigh-in anytime before the end of Tuesday, January 20. Deb is the only person, other than the individual participating, who will ever know his or her beginning and final weight.

After the weigh-in, begin a workout and diet plan and join other participants sweating for the school.

Those involved should also create a pledge sheet with their name at the top. Pledges should include the pledger's name, phone number, and the amount being pledged. Pledges should be made per pound the participant loses during the challenge.

For example, if a participant gets a 50 cent pledge, and then loses 50 pounds, the pledger will donate $25. All money raised will go to support the 'More Than Nothing' campaign.

Pledge sheets may be dropped of at Perham High School, Prairie Wind Middle School, and Heart of the Lakes Elementary School offices. They should be marked "549 Family WLTD." Pledge sheets may also be mailed to: 549 Family, 200 5th St. SE, Perham, MN 56573. Sheets must be received before the end of Friday, January 30.

Participant's names and their pledges will be posted on the More Than Nothing website.

The final weigh-in will be the first day of school, fall 2009. Total weight loss numbers will be public information after the challenge is done, but not people's starting or ending weights.

For more information, call 218-347-0549 or e-mail