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Department reports note anonymous donation

In the midst of budget cut talks at Tuesday's city council meeting came a small piece of uplifting community news. Included in City Clerk Darla Berry's report to the council was recognition of an anonymous donor who has contributed $100 on three separate occasions to be applied to the utility account of a needy family or individual in NY?Mills.

Berry told the council six possible accounts where there is need and sincere effort is being made were selected and two names drawn to split the initial $100, giving $50 to each account. With the second $100, two more names were drawn from the initial six, and $50 given towards the two accounts. The same will be done for the remaining two accounts.

"This was a really nice, nice gesture by this person in these difficult economic times," Berry said. "I just wanted to share with the council. Usually we only hear the bad news about utilities."

Council committee appointments

Police Committee: Bill Warner & Richard Rankka

Liquor Store Committee: Dianna Wallgren & Julie Gerber

Personnel Committee: Bill Warner & Dianna Wallgren

Budget Committee: Julie Gerber & Larry Hodgson

EDA Committee: Richard Rankka & Larry Hodgson

C&C Annual Meeting

The NY Mills Civic & Commerce Association's annual meeting and program will be held Wednesday, Jan. 21 in the City Hall Ballroom. Social hour is 5:30 p.m., with dinner to follow at 6 p.m. The program will include Mayor Hodgson's annual State of the City, and Chief Hoaby's annual police report.

Liquor store report

Year-end report of revenues/expenditures shows liquor and beer sales in off sale were not what was expected, however wine and pop sales were higher. On sale liquor sales were down, but beer and wine sales were up. Overall, Mills Liquors ended the year with a negative balance of negative $27,845.68, but when the $56,000 that was taken out for operating transfers are added back in, it shows a profit of $28,154. Profits for the month of December were $4,029.

Utility report

- Over 29 inches of snow fell in December, and with the snowiest months yet to come the city is already over budget on snow removal and will probably burn through another $20,000 if snow continues. NY Mills received 28 inches of snow in April last year.

- Had a transducer fail on the water tower which caused it to overflow during a blizzard. The transducer was bench checked earlier this fall and it was put back in use. A special crew was called to steam the vent and hatch clear afterward, because a tower tank needs to breathe otherwise if the vents are iced over the tower will start to create a vacuum at the top causing structural damage.

- Closed the southside skating rink to save costs, continue keeping Smith Park rink open since it does get used a lot.

- Have arranged for some businesses to push their snow onto neighboring lots instead of piling to save future hauling costs, did the same with residents lots where the piles near the driveways are near intersections or entrances to buildings where the neighbor said it was okay to pile snow on their lot.

- Pushed back snow piles along Gilman Street by the school and Lund Boats to facilitate better parking space in anticipation of Lund opening up this week. Worked with Lund staff to get space available and helped plan where best to move their snow.