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Lund Boat marks 60 years in New York Mills

In 2008, Lund Boat Co. celebrated 60 years in New York Mills. What started out with Howard Lund assembling his first boat in a garage on the city's west side, Lund continues to market itself as the maker of the "world's finest fishing boat."

Lund began 2008 with about 400 employess, but recent layoffs have the production plant down to around 250. The tradition of quality remains with the community's largest employer looking to increase production this spring and summer. Lund has deep roots in the community and is tied directly to the rich history of New York Mills as the town celebrates 125 years in 2009.

Lund Boat Company has been building high quality aluminum boats from 10 to 21 feet in length since 1948.

Looking at the history of Lund it appears the company stepped into the forefront of the business in 1978 when the Mr. Pike 16 was first introduced. At the time, this was the first deluxe multi-species fishing boat to be produced for the American market. The Mr. Pike featured a flat carpeted floor, soft comfortable deluxe pedestal seats and side storage compartments, as well as many other deluxe features. The next boat to make big waves was a tiller model called the Pro Angler which became the standard from which the industry tried to copy.

New to the 2009 lineup of Lund Boats are the Rebel XL 1725 & 1825, and 1825 Rebel XL.

Recently, the Herald uncovered a number of old Lund Boats promotional photos, shown here, that provide a look back at the company.