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Ruling on Lund case could take a couple months

The trial is over but it may take months before an Otter Tail County District Court judge makes a ruling on a class action suit against Lund Boat Company and Brunswick Corp.

The issue at the center of the class action suit is vacation pay. Nineteen plaintiffs, representing over 200 former and current workers, claim they were denied earned vacation time in the shift from one policy to the other.

The plaintiffs claim that Brunswick, which has been Lund's parent company since 2004, employees lost vacation time and pay when the company transitioned to a new vacation policy in 2005-06.

Lund and an attorney representing the company contend the plaintiffs named in the suit received more vacation during the first 12 months of the transition period than they would have under the old policy.

It is the company's position that employees received all of the vacation to which they were entitled and that in connection with the conversion to a new vacation policy, employees received the same or greater vacation benefits than they would have received under the original policy.

Plaintiffs allege that when the company converted to a new paid vacation policy on July 1, 2005, the company failed to credit employees for paid vacation time they say they earned during the previous model year. Plaintiffs contend they lost up to four weeks vacation and seek money damages for their claims, and the claims of class members.

After the attorneys from both sides receive transcripts of trial proceedings in a month, they will have two weeks to submit written closing statements, and a week to reply to the opposing side's arguments. From there the judge will have up to 90 days to rule on the case.