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Winter Outing

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Bob Sonnenberg leads the way as the Talvijuhla winter celebration and ski outing gets underway at the Sonnenberg farm north of New York Mills.2 / 3
Edan Cassidy tries to hold on and stay upright as he makes a turn while sledding Saturday with his brother Nolan during a ski and snowshoe outing at the Sonnenberg lodge in the woods.3 / 3

About 35 people from around the area, including New York Mills, Menahga, Frazee, and the Twin Cities, showed up Saturday for the Talvijuhla ski and snowshoe outing held at the Sonnenberg farm north of town.

Skiers and snowshoers experienced nice weather as they worked their way along trails cut through the woods, leading to a lodge where they were treated to a salmon chowder lunch.

At right, Annabelle Lee prepares to hit the trails again with Carol Curtis as the NY Mills neighbors look to hit the trails again after lunch and a presentation by Bob Sonnenberg on sustainable tree farming.

Above, skiers follow the trail across an open field before getting into the more scenic wooded areas at the start of Saturday's outing.