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Warrior to Citizen: New exhibit explores challenges of Minnesota's most recent veterans

"Warrior to Citizen: Stories of Minnesota's Most Recent Veterans" opens at the ITOW Veterans Museum in Perham on March 1 and continues through March 15.

The oral history exhibit is part of the Warrior to Citizen Campaign, organized by the University of Minnesota's Humphrey Institute's Center for Democracy and Citizenship, a grassroots effort to provide enduring support to Minnesota's returning veterans and their families.

The artifacts and multimedia presentations in the exhibit showcase various elements of the service members' experiences, from preparing for war to understanding their role as citizens upon returning home. This exhibit offers the community a unique opportunity to hear first-hand accounts from Minnesota veterans directly upon returning home, rather than decades after participating in conflict. It also provides a chance to understand the unique skills and experiences returning veterans learn while serving overseas and the challenges they face reintegrating into their communities at home.

"Thousands of Minnesotans have been quietly creating contemporary history, engaging in acts of personal courage and selflessness," says Tim Kamenar, a member of the Minnesota National Guard and an instrumental organizer of the oral exhibit.

The traveling exhibit will be open to the public March 1-15 at the ITOW Veterans Museum, 805 West Main, Perham. Hours are Monday-Saturday, 10-4, and Sunday, 1-4.