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OPINION: Millers need help to remain alive in NYM

To the editor:

Will amateur baseball live on in New York Mills? That's a good question. It seems each year the interest is less and less. Without some interest and help it may go away. Russ (Jacobson) has worked so hard to keep it alive, but Russ is getting older and can't and shouldn't be asked to keep up the pace that he has with all the work involved with the Millers, Legion, Babe Ruth, and the tournaments held at the park. It is time for some new blood. People need to step up to the plate and get involved. We have heard people say, "I don't have any kids playing, why should I help?" "Why should I have to clean or maintain the park?" Or, "How much does it pay?"

If there is no interest or help, baseball in New York Mills will go away. Is that what we want?

So if you want to help, the Millers are looking for coaches and players. For the last two years we have taken over the Barrel Of Fun Fishing Tournament. Without some help, this fishing tournament will not be held.

Past and present of the Millers, if you still have a Millers uniform and do not plan on playing anymore please return it to Russ at the bank. We need them for future players.

If there is to be a future for baseball in New York Mills, now is the time for you to get involved.

Mills Athletic Assoc.

Buddy Kahilainen

Jack Herr