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Perham city approves Station House liquor license change

There have been many necessary steps to complete the sale of Perham's cornerstone Station House Restaurant.

One big step was accomplished on Wed., Feb. 25, when the Perham City Council authorized the transfer of the restaurant's liquor license from Don and Betty Kennedy to Robbie Paridon, the sole proprietor of Paridon Enterprises, Inc.

Robbie has been the Station House manager for the past two years, but when she started working there she had no previous restaurant experience.

Robbie says she hadn't planned to work in a restaurant and certainly never expected to own one. She loves people, but says she used to be "very shy". She quickly learned all aspects of the business.

As the Kennedy's began the process to sell the Station House, Robbie thought more about the opportunities for her family.

"This will be a family affair," says Robbie. Her husband, Jeff has a position working out of Fargo. He'll give up a life of sales travelling to help run the Station House. Their 20-year-old son, Bryan has already worked there.

Sons Adam, 18, and Madison, 15, will also join the crew. There may even be some jobs for nine-year-old twins Victoria and Madeline.

The last step in the Station House sale is the closing date, scheduled for March 16. Don and Betty will stay for one month to help with the transition.