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OPINION: Reflecting on inevitable school budget cuts

Looking at the community survey results, I see that, for most of us, the school IS a big deal. We don't want our schools to close any more than we want taxes to rise, so we must make some compromise somewhere. This seems eminent.

Based on this survey, many didn't vote "yes" for the levy because it was too long of a time period. Next came the not wanting additional taxes. Then it came to the economy. All the other reasons are drastically lower. 387 took part in this survey, and only 20 of them said that they didn't care about school issues. I think it is time that people became aware how this levy will affect us students.

Over the years, we have come to get bonded to our new teachers. We will only have them for 4 years, then we won't see them again, unless on visits. If these teachers are taken away prematurely, it's going to hit the student body hard. Especially if those teachers are the ones who we haven't even gotten to know that well; they're new just like the freshmen that come in our doors. They'll also be the first to go. So says the rule of seniority. Now, I'm not picking and chosing favorites who I want to stay; I'm simply stating the fact that we love our teachers and would hate to see them go.

There are many classes in the school that greatly prepare us for the future. We need gym, health and FACS classes because we need to know how to take care of ourselves when we're older. Shop classes help us to use our hands (I got to learn this first hand because of metal fabrication; I was never good at using my hands to learn things because it wasn't one of my learning styles, but shop class taught me how and has opened my mind to new possibilities). Art is a release for creativity, no matter what kind of art (performing, visual, musical). We need technology classes because our world is turning more from paper to computer chips. We need to change with it. And, most importantly, we need our core classes and the different courses that come with them because these are the basic building blocks that we need to succeed in our lives.

Extracurricular activities are also important becuase they teach us team work and how to come out of our shells. I know I wouldn't have developed into the person I am now if I never would have had these opportunities that the school offers. These also teach leadership and social skills, which every person needs to get employed now days.

There is still plenty of doubt about what will and won't be cut this coming year. It is no longer possible to not cut anything, but, hopefully, we can soften the blow and make our school last for future generations.

Amber Kalina

Perham High School sophomore