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OPINION: Thoughts on our new president

I am so thankful that I live in a country where I can express my views on issues and even take "issue" with things said or written about politics and leaders in this great nation. After reading editorials of late about my President, I feel there is a need to respond to things written by others. This does not mean that I want to enter a debate, but I wish to share my thoughts and opinions about the leader of our country. I hope to take a responsible position concerning President Obama without too much political bias.

To begin, let me say as a teacher, it was sad to observe the damage done to the Office of the President these past 16 years. Young people were forced to look upon two Presidents who were embarrassing to watch and even more difficult to respect. President Clinton's behavior and impeachment played poorly in the eyes of our youth. As he was "redefining" sex, we basically learned that you can do "what you want" as long as your poll ratings are up. President Bush constantly played the fool as he destroyed the English language and became so easy to make fun of by many because of his daily gaffs. He was so hard to take seriously as he bounced between "warmonger and clown." Young people found it difficult to respect him because many in the adult world, by and large, couldn't like or respect him either. (I refer anyone to his poll ratings.) Also, every single day, he was a target for ridicule.

It is said that our current President is not prepared to do the job. I would suggest that the argument could be made that no person is totally prepared to be President. Qualified? Yes!

He is a man who made Hurculean progress toward his life and career. Read any biography on him and try to deny this man his due. If any young person in Perham did what he has done, there would be no nay-sayers in this community. The Young Perhamite would be lauded as the next "great one."

This business about the President "hanging with criminals" is rubbish. Get your facts right before you speak. He will never be influenced by Ayers and the rest. Fox News Network is dedicated never to let our Liberal President get away with any evil. Plus, I am almost positive Bill O'Reilly has president Obama's phone tapped. (I may not have my facts straight on that) On a side note, I find it interesting that people are quick to criticise our current President's "supposed cronies," when we know that President Bush hung with Chaney, Rummy and Rover (Karl Rove) and we watched as they yanked his "puppet strings" for eight years.

Let us not be so quick to judge this President. He is only just begun. I was always taught to judge people on their merits and deeds. Is he perfect? No, but he needs time and our support." Older Americans" would do well by role modeling "respect and patience" to our youth. They should not resort to name calling and premature ridicule.

Speaking of name calling, I am getting weary of the Christian Pro-life Right questioning other peoples depth of faith. The last time I checked, Jesus is my Savior too. Pro-Life people do NOT have "Naming Rights" for Jesus Christ. Get over yourselves. Stop being so judgemental. Jesus has promised me, a pro-choice person, that he is my Lord and Savior also. I know this because I can read the Bible as well as anyone.

Our current President is articulate, intelligent and has the integrity to follow through with his promises. He has inherited great problems, but I believe this is the person to help lead us down this difficult road. He is a family man, spends time with his wife and children. No "Interns" need to fear or be nervous around him. Police won't be knocking on his door soon or possibly ever with a DUI citation for the girls. He is a man you can respect and expect great things from. Things have not come easy for him and I can believe in a Harvard lawyer who walked away from fat paychecks to help others. Heck, anyone who is smart enough to marry that wonderful First Lady Michelle has my confidence. If he strays away from doing a good job, she will "give him the look" and he will get back on track (any man married for more than five minutes knows what "the look" is).

Finally let me say, he is my President and the President of all Americans. Let us find a way to get the youth of our country to respect the office again, because he will earn it.

I am proud of him. He inspires me, motivates me and I love to hear him speak. Oh, and he knows the language too.

I love my country! I can state my opinion--and I can also vote YES for our Perham kids and community on the next referendums.

Ert Jones-Hermerding