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Pastor returns from Israel, offers tour for Perham next year

Pastor Dirk and Bobbie Currier, at the Western Wall in the Holy Land.1 / 2
Israeli soldiers are on patrol everywhere to provide safety for tourists, notes Rev. Dirk Currier, pictured here with troops.2 / 2

Pastor Dirk Currier and his wife Bobbie have just returned from a trip to the Holy Land that was highly subsidized by the nation of Israel as well as El Al the Airlines of Israel.

They were a part of several pastors from across the country who participated in a pastor's familiarization tour with the intent of being able to return to their congregations and communities and lead a tour to the Holy Land in the future.

"As a pastor, I only wish I could have experienced this much earlier in ministry. It would be great if everyone in ministry were given the opportunity to see first hand the Holy Land before leaving Bible college or seminary," says Pastor Currier. "There are so many more things that make sense, and to see not only the history but to understand the culture of the Middle East and the people brings much more meaning to everyday Bible reading. Honestly, it is like reading the Bible for the first time once again."

Pastor Dirk and his wife Bobble experienced many Biblical sites. From the place Jonah fled from the Lord, to Jesus' hometown, His ministry at the Sea of Galilee, the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem as well as a tour under the Western Wall where stones from the temple period of Christ can be seen, including a stop to pray at an entrance to the closest place to where the ark of the covenant once rested in the Holy of Holies. In addition toseeing these sites, they also were able to be baptized in the Jordan River and take some time to float on the Dead Sea.

There will be a presentation this Sunday, along with dessert, at Northwoods Assembly at 6 p.m. Pictures will be shared as well as information on a trip that is being planned.

Visiting the Holy Land is a desire of so many, but where do you go? Who do you work with? What will I see? Is it safe? These are all valid questions and that is why this opportunity was created for local pastors to go and return and work with their community.

If you would be interested in visiting the Holy Land with Pastor Dirk and other friends from Perham, please feel free to call 346-5433. Space is limited. Make plans on getting away next winter to a destination that has great meaning. Plans are underway for February of 2010 for a great trip that you will never forget.