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Man who kidnapped Frazee woman and threatened to rape and kill her receives lengthy sentence

Vincent Degidio Jr., who kidnapped a Fargo woman last year at gunpoint and threatened to kill and rape her, will spend nearly 29 years in prison for the crime.

A federal judge sentenced Degidio to 346 months in prison - the equivalent of 28 years and 10 months during a hearing this morning in Fargo.

Degidio, 29, pleaded guilty to firearms and kidnapping charges, which each carried potential maximum sentences of life in prison. Federal prisoners are not eligible for parole but can receive good time. Degidio must serve 85 percent of his sentence - essentially more than 24 years.

For the hearing, Degidio appeared via interactive television from South Carolina and appeared to be in a wheelchair.

He was shot twice during a shootout with police after the woman he kidnapped from Fargo escaped in Moorhead. The victim is a Frazee-area native.

"It's obvious that he's never gonna walk again," said Degidio's attorney, Christopher Lancaster.

He apologized before being sentenced, telling his victim - who was in court - that he hopes she can get over what happened and deal with life.

In a two-page letter to the court that was not made public, the victim forgave Degidio, which surprised and moved him, Lancaster said.

"He wondered how she would be able to do that and was extremely appreciative of that," Lancaster said.