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New York Mills basement floods to four feet

This spring's record-setting flooding hit home for New York Mills residents Robert and Karen Thompson, when their basement was flooded to four feet.

As it continued to rain heavily on Monday, March 23, the runoff started pouring into their basement at about 1 a.m. According to Karen, the water was about ankle deep when she first saw it, and it rose to four feet within a couple of hours.

"My washer, dryer, and freezer were all floating," Karen recalls.

With the water rising so fast, the Thompsons didn't have time to get everything out of the basement before it was damaged. They've already had to purchase a new dryer, and have had the furnace fixed.

"I could stand in our kitchen and hear the water gushing in down there through all the drains," Karen says of their night-long battle with the flood. It wasn't until noon the next day that they were able to get all of the water pumped out of the basement--with the help of four pumps. A week later, the Thompsons said they are still drying some spots and working on clean-up.

The Thompsons have lived in their home on Hwy. 58 since 1977, and said this is the first time their basement has flooded.

"We always kind of watch the water out there," said Karen. "We made a trench across the driveway, but it couldn't keep up. So, we had to make a couple more trenches in the middle of the night with a skid steer."