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Farewell 'hug' for Dent school closing planned for May 27

A farewell celebration to the Dent school is in the works.

May will be the final days of the Dent Elementary School, which will be closed and the students absorbed into Perham's Heart of the Lakes school.

Elementary Principal Kari Yates reported that May 27 is set for the farewell event. Students who attended Dent will be invited--including those former Dent students who are now in upper grades.

A farewell "Hug the School" is how the event is being promoted, said Yates. Details are yet to be worked out.

In a related matter, Superintendent Tamara Uselman will be meeting with the Dent City Council April 9, to discuss the transition from school ownership to city.

Dent city officials have been discussing possibilities for the building--including the potential of a daycare center, community ed classes, and classrooms for fire department training.

Another challenge after the Dent school closing is what to do with a "school full of stuff," commented Principal Yates. School and city officials will need to determine which items can stay and which need to be moved to the Perham elementary school.