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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Youth are certainly a resource to community

This is a follow up to Fred Sailer's heartfelt message on our children. Thank you for seeing the value in our youth. Yes, far too often, we pass them by because we don't even try to understand them. They dress different, listen to different music, look different; let's face it, we may never completely understand them. But we can love them. They are our future and we as a community should be proud of their recent efforts, and tell them! And even though these big events don't happen all the time, when they can all work together, there is always a teen somewhere at any given time, making a difference in our community. Let's not forget that. Remembering too, that many of them live in a world of pain and confusion, most of the hurting comes from the media as well as some of us adults in their lives. I ask you not to prejudge or draw too quick a conclusion, just take the time to listen and watch a while longer.

A Resource! Not a burden is the answer to Fred's question. That's why we need to invest in them. If someone had not invested in us, we could have easily been a high school dropout who was pregnant at the age of 15. Or could have died a drug dealer on the streets of Denver had we not had a wake up call from God, and had adults who cared about us. Youth today are different than years past. Thank God, because the world is a different place now. This generation needs our words of encouragement and support. I challenge you that no matter what size of investment you make in our youth, just make one. Each and every one of them is worth it, no matter their background.

We are investing in them at Club Oneighty, because we see the value of our youth. We have been operating for a year and a half now and it's been such a blessing! We see an average of 35-50 teens on any given Friday or Saturday night. That's 50 teens that are exposed to a positive influence from adults who value them. Now for the honesty, the majority of the kids that come to Club Oneighty need that influence. A perfect place, no... A good start, YES! We welcome input, both new ideas and concerns. Drop by for a visit or give us a call anytime so we can share our vision and successes with you. Now more than ever, our youth need our support. Please support our youth.

Stew & Alanna Burns

Directors, Club Oneighty