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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Our kids are worth the investment

On Thursday [March 26] as I watched nearly 400 Perham High School students help sandbag in Oxbow, N.D., I couldn't help but wonder: Would the good people of Oxbow vote "No" on a levy to give these kids access to the best possible education?

I think not.

I was so proud of each and every one of the students who participated that day. They didn't complain that the burden was too great. Or that the time commitment was too long. Or that the sacrifice was too much. No, they undertook the challenge because they knew it was the right thing to do. They worked enthusiastically in the snow and the wind and the cold, and, people of District 549, they did us proud. These are good - no, check that; these are GREAT - kids who deserve the absolute best we can give them in both programs and facilities. The next time a vote on a levy comes around (and I hope it's soon), I hope each and every voter in District 549 remembers that. I know some people will say that it's too expensive. Or it's too long. Or it entails too great a sacrifice at a time of too much economic uncertainty. To that I say "Nonsense." What better time than now to say to our kids "You're worth it?"

If the voters of 549 don't pass a levy, then shame on us all. If we, in essence, say "No" to the young people of this district, then, plain and simple, we don't deserve them.

Jeff Tweeton, English teacher

Perham Senior High