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Area praised for flood relief efforts

East Otter Tail continues to receive praise for its contributions to the flood-fighting efforts in the Red River Valley.

Volunteering were area firefighters, the Rotary Club, and too many groups and individuals to mention here. And, of course, the students and staff at the Perham schools. The poem written below, is one example of the praise Perham has enjoyed.

I also received an email from friend Merrill Piepkorn, who is a broadcaster with Prairie Public Radio in Fargo.

"Thanks to the Perham students for coming to Fargo to help out during the flood. What an amazing and miraculous turnout from the entire region. An unbelievable effort that is truly beyond compreshension and description," wrote Piepkorn.

With another river crest coming, there is still plenty of anxiety in the Red River Valley. But with the work that was done by so many hundreds and thousands of volunteers, the Fargo-Moorhead area should be in good shape to fend off the threat.

And remember folks: Post-flood clean-up will be a huge undertaking. The work isn't as exciting as fortifying dikes in the face of oncoming flood waters--but volunteers will be needed.

Perham gets mention on David Letterman show

As most of you have no doubt heard by now, Perham was mentioned on network television. In his "Small Town News" segment, David Letterman featured a segment from the police log column in the Perham Enterprise Bulletin.

For those of you who didn't view it on TV, or see it online, here is the text from the segment:

The Perham Enterprise Bulletin (Perham, Minnesota): A police report: "An elderly woman called 911 reporting that her fire alarm was going off. The officer located the source of the sound, an alarm clock, and turned it off."