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Perham students compete at State Science Fair

Science Fair participants, front row: Seth Stafki, Nancy Stenger, and Annalee Beaver. Back row, Brandon Rehm, Jonathon Coleman, and Sam Stafki.1 / 2
Silver Medalist in Biochemistry Division, Seth Stafki.2 / 2

The Perham High School science research team recently competed at the Minnesota State Science Fair held in St. Paul.

Perham students who qualified at the Western Minnesota Regional Science Fair to compete at this year's Minnesota State Science Fair included six projects.

The high school project titles presented by Perham students this year included: Annalee Beaver -Project "Probiotic vs. Non Probiotic Yogurt", Nancy Stenger- Project "The Honor Roll- A Study of Honesty in High School Students", Seth Stafki- Project "The Effects of Caffeine on the Development of Medaka Fish Eggs", Brandon Rehm- Project "Do Gross or Polite Signs Have More of an Impact on Hand-washing?", Sam Stafki- Project "The Effects of 2-4D on Aquatic Ecosystems", and Jonathon Coleman- Project " The Effects of Tire Pressure on Petrol Use in Automobiles." Winning a grand award at this year's Minnesota State Science Fair this year was Seth Stafki who received a silver medal in his category of biochemistry.

The Minnesota State Science Fair has been conducted each year by the Minnesota Academy of Sciences for more than 80 years. At the state fair students compete in 14 categories of science and engineering.

This year's Minnesota State Science Fair had more than 450 projects competing from all regions of the state.