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EDA offers Country View lots to contractor

In an effort to encourage new construction in the Country View development the New York Mills Economic Development Authority offered to sell lots to a developer for multi-family housing.

The city made the offer to sell four lots to Riley Bros. Properties of Morris at a price of $110,000. The price reflects a discount of $15,500 off the sum of the listed prices on the lots of $125,500.

In 2006, the Country View townhomes were built, and since the city was very pleased with the results from those new housing units built by a previous contractor, they have offered Riley Bros. the chance to build similar homes on multi-lots located to the east of the townhomes.

The city's proposal is based on the assumption that Riley Bros. will re-plat the subject lots at the company's expense and build eight units - either townhomes with shared walls or as individual homes, using the "association" concept.

The proposal includes an additional incentive of up to $40,000 in TIF reimbursements, or $5,000 per living unit, payable to Riley Bros., once the company submits documentation of the homebuyer's eligibility for TIF.

The TIF incentive of $40,000 would be available for four years after Riley Bros. acquisition of the subject lots. The offer is good for 60 days from the date of the letter, which was sent March 27.

Purchase agreement

A new building could be going up this summer on the empty lot located at the corner of Broadway/67 and Centennial Drive. The city is working out the details of a purchase agreement with Lisa and Brian Alberts for the lot.

A draft of the purchase agreement was presented at last week's city council meeting. Brian and Lisa Alberts, who owns HeadQuarters hair salon on Main, have tentatively reached an agreement with the city to purchase the lot for $5,000 and pay all outstanding assessments.

The city council approved the purchase agreement last week on the condition revisions be made after meeting with the Alberts again to finalize the agreement. Included in the purchase agreement is a deadline for building to avoid buying the land for speculative purposes.

March utility report

- VFW has agreed to purchase and supply American flags to the city for next summer.

- Citywide clean up set for May 4, fee schedule for landfill remains the same as last year.

- Trade show booth went well.

- Helped sponsor excavators meeting in Perham; went well with over 250 excavators attending.

- Continue to thaw culverts, storm sewer catch basins, will try to thaw some more if warm weather stays.

- Went into Highway 10 ditch twice to remove snow pack (snowmobile) that could have caused water back-up by blocking the flow. People may have thought that to be odd but it worked. Spent many hours pumping water all over. This is one of the things that will hopefully improve with the 2009 street project.

- City lagoon levels are okay, most of the other towns are having problems with too much water in the sewer system, and many are having to discharge early on frozen ground - not a good thing.

- Working on getting a company in to possibly grind up the city brush pile instead of burning it.

- Frost is still very deep; it may be that those people running their water will have to keep doing so until they mow their lawn for the first time.

- Borrowed some patch material from Perham to patch a couple potholes by the school that were right in a drive lane. At $15 a bag, it works on cold ground but a bit expensive.

- Assisted City of Perham with some frozen sewers; that's how you can get a $15 a bag cold mix on trade.

Airport closing

The city council will hold a public hearing on Tuesday, May 12 at 5 p.m. on the proposed closing of the New York Mills airport.