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NYM High School scholarship, award winners announced

Each year, New York Mills High School and various community organizations and individuals gather together to recognize the hard work and dedication of local students. This year, there was $134,850 in scholarships awarded to Mills students.

The announcement came during the annual scholarship and awards program held Monday at the school.

The program began with recognition of the 2009-10 National Honor Society members and their parents.

Awards were then handed out to students who have excelled in each academic department area during their four years in high school.

The award winners, as chosen by department faculty were: Science - Olivia Hendrickx; Math - Morgan Kahilainen; Vocational - Cody Hendrickx; Social Studies - Chelsey Hendrickx; Language Arts - Courtney Dettwiler

New York Mills Lions Club (presented by Paul Schik) $500 each to Christine Becker, Kimberly Becker, Morgan Kahilainen, Avery Schmidt.

Perham Masonic Lodge (presented by Ken Friese) $400 each to Kristi Knight and Nathan Burg.

Arvig Communication System Royale B. and Eleanor M. Arvig Memorial Scholarship to Olivia Hendrickx, $750 each year for four years.

The Charles D. Center Post 3289 VFW Scholarship Fund (presented by JoClaire Pedersen) to Kimberly Becker and David Ayers, $500 each.

Jenni-o Turkey Scholarship (presented by Gary Leabo) to Nathan Burg, $600.

Tri-County Hospital Foundation Scholarship (presented by Roxy Hejhal) to Cortney Detwiller, $1,000.

Brian McGrane Scholarship (presented by Vince Creary) to Cortney Detwiller, $500.

Arnold Weller Memorial Wrestling Scholarship (presented by Industrial Technology teacher Eric Niemi) to Nathan Burg, $250.

Ottertail Lions (presented by Jerry Smith) $250 each to Christine Becker, Kimberly Becker, Betsy Bernu, Stephanie Cichy, Cortney Dettwiler, Joshua Haman, Chelsey Hendrickx, Joe Hendrickx, Olivia Hendrickx, Stephanie Hendrickx, Janessa Hofland, Morgan Kahilainen, Kristi Knight, Trisha Loerzel, Kristen Perala, Bethany Rimpila, Allison Slieter, David Snelgrove, Kelsey Welter.

Perham Memorial Hospital (presented by Chuck Hofius) $750 to Cortney Detwiller.

The Harold N. Wood Memorial Scholarship

This is dedicated to Mr. Wood, who served 15 years as the superintendent of New York Mills Public Schools. The award is given annually to a student who has the potential for future success as an educator. This year's award of $100 goes to Mike Baune.

The Gary Maki Memorial Scholarship

This is given each year to a worthy New York Mills Senior based on accomplishments, character and potential. This year's $500 scholarship is awarded to Allison Slieter.

The Dr. Donn Oelschlager Memorial Scholarship

This is a $500 scholarship given to a student who has demonstrated outstanding citizenship and a strong interest in the field they will study at college. This year, the award winner is Betsy Bernu.

The Katelyn Bauck Memorial Scholarship

This was established by her family in January 2006. The scholarship of $250 goes to Stephanie Hendrickx.

The Julia Krekula-Gray scholarship

This $200 scholarship is awarded to Jackie Irwin.

The Marjorie Weir Hanson RN Nursing Scholarship

This is given annually to a student pursuing a career as a registered nurse. The $450 scholarship is renewable for 4 years. This year's award belongs to Cortney Detwiller.

The Rod Imsande Memorial Scholarship

This was established in March 2006 by the family of Rod Imsande. The scholarship recipient shall be a well-rounded student involved in the arts, sports and community activities. This $500 scholarship goes to Hannah Perala.

Janis Mae Isaacson Scholarship

Established in memory of Janis Mae Isaacson, each year a scholarship is awarded to a student who intends to study English, Speech, or American History. The $200 scholarship goes to Trisha Loerzel.

New York Mills School Board and Lakes Country Service Cooperative Scholarship

This is a cooperative scholarship in which business, industry, communities and schools give recognition to deserving students representing the forty-one school districts in The Lakes Country Service Cooperative. Lakes Country awards one $200 winner and our school board provides the funds for four additional $200 scholarships. Selection is based on academic achievement, leadership skills and participation in school and community activities. The five students receiving this scholarship are: Stephanie Hendrickx, Olivia Hendrickx, Morgan Kahlilainen, Cortney Detwiller, and Chelsey Hendrickx.

Jon Gorentz, NYM Agricultural Teacher, presented awards for students who have excelled in and are entering the field of agriculture.

The Paatola Memorial Agriculture Scholarship

This is a $500 scholarship given annually to a student pursuing a career in an agriculture-related field. This year the award winner is Cody Hendrickx.

The Ottertail Rod and Gun Club provides an annual scholarship of $500. This year's award winner is Betsy Bernu.

The Jaakola Family Health Career Scholarship

This was established to help students pursue a degree in a health-related field. This year's award of $500 goes to Betsy Bernu.

The New York Mills Education Minnesota Union provides two $500 scholarships annually called the Teachers for Education Scholarships. This year, Beth Rimpila and Joe Hendrickx were selected as the winners.

The J. Eric Anderson Excellence in Education Scholarship is awarded to a student who plans to pursue a career in education. This year's recipient of $500 is Chelsey Hendrickx.

There are several other awards that are given in memory of J. Eric Anderson. Each year, one $500 scholarship is awarded through The Anderson Memorial, and five $300 scholarships from the Anderson Scholarship Fund - all to assist with the costs of higher education. This year the $500 award winner of the Anderson Memorial Scholarship is Malcolm Stroot.

And the five Anderson Scholarship Fund awards of $300 each go to: Richard Tumberg, Mike Baune, David Snelgrove, Kristen Perala and Kelsey Welter.

The Dr. Harold O. Rud Memorial Scholarship

This was established in 1975 in memory of Dr. Harold O. Rud. This year the $200 winner is Christine Becker.

The Mary E. Driessen Memorial Fund

This was established by her husband and brother in 2007. The recipient of this scholarship should be a student who participates in school music activities and plans to continue their musical career after high school. The $750 scholarship goes to Hannah Perala.

The Ruby Olsen-Sifritson Scholarship

This was created in 1991 to assist students attending post secondary training. Ruby taught for 44 years from 1928-1972, spending the last 18 years of her career at New York Mills High School. This year, the three $700 winners are: Chelsey Hendrickx, Christine Becker and Trisha Loerzel

The Vera Herr Memorial Scholarship

This is for a student who has high potential for success at a post-secondary institution. The recipient of the $500 scholarship is Janessa Hofland.

New York Mills Civic Excellence Award

The intent of this award is to promote a strong sense of citizenship with a focus on service to others. The NYM Civic Excellence Award is a two-part program that is based on the selection of a recipient in the spring of their junior year in high school. Part one recognizes the recipient's civic excellence through a $200 donation in the name of the recipient to an eligible, non-profit charitable entity of the recipient's choice. Part two awards the recipient with a $400 scholarship to be used for post-secondary education.

This year's Civic Excellence Award winner is Savannah Thompson.

In addition to the local scholarships, several students have been awarded scholarships from other businesses, organizations, and their prospective colleges.

Betsy Bernu has been issued a $2500 Brunswick scholarship.

Joe Hendrickx has been awarded a $1500 academic scholarship from NDSU

Andrew Minten has been issued a $250 Barrel O Fun scholarship as well as a $300 Catholic Aid Scholarship.

Stephanie Cichy has been awarded a $500 scholarship in memory of Lowell Dryer.

Morgan Kahilainen has been issued the Presidents Scholarship from the College of Saint Benedict in the amount of $11,000 renewable for 4 years, as well as the Brunswick Corporate Scholarship for $2,500.

Olivia Hendrickx has been awarded a the Minnesota Business Professionals of America Scholarship of $500, as well as a $300 Catholic Aid scholarship

Kristi Knight has been awarded a $52,600 academic scholarship from Concordia College in Moorhead.

Cortney Detwiller has been awarded a $500 Minnesota School Counselor's Association scholarship, as well as a $750 academic scholarship from Minnesota State University Moorhead.