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LETTER TO EDITOR: Offended by disrespect for law enforcement

Last week Louis Hoglund used a column to recognize that Todd Sandahl retired from the Perham Police Department. Todd was a good police officer who spent a major part of his life serving our area. Todd certainly deserves recognition.

I think it is unfortunate, however, that Hoglund took the opportunity to show his disrespect for the rest of the law enforcement community.

I retired from law enforcement four years ago after serving for twenty-five years. I served with officers who wore green, blue, brown or maroon uniforms. I am proud to say that Minnesota's law enforcement community is a very dedicated group of people. They are there to back each other up or assist whenever the need arises, no matter what agency pays their salary.

All officers know that the risks are there. When they start the vehicle and check in on the radio, they are ready to do what it takes to protect and serve everyone. Fortunately, their training is some of the best in the world and they can usually end their shift without being hurt and without needing to use undue force. There is even a good chance they will be the first to arrive to save a life if the need should arise.

Officers are proud of their chosen profession and stand ready to do what is necessary at any hour and under any condition. They know that the vast majority of people appreciate their service and many take the time to express that, especially after 9-11. They also know there are those who don't appreciate their service and will even ridicule them. They give the same level of protection and service to them anyway.

We would live in a lot different world if these men and women did not serve with the dedication they do.

Dennis Lang

Retired Minnesota

Conservation Officer