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School in session 'President's Day' as Perham sets 2009-10 calendar

One good blizzard, and the 2009-10 Perham school calendar will be pushed into June.

A very tight school calendar was approved by the Perham-Dent School Board May 8.

In order to wrap up student days before June 1, the school board eliminated "President's Day" as a day off.

As it stands, the calendar will have these days off for students:

---October 15-16, during education convention

---November 26-27, during Thanksgiving

---December 24-January 4, for Christmas break

---There will be no winter days off, until Easter, April 2

Storm make-up days will be in the first days of June, if necessary.

In other school board action, a number of personnel matters were handled--some of them prompted by budget cuts for the 2009-10 school year.

---English as a second language teacher Kay Peloquin was placed on unrequested leave as a full-time teacher. However, a part-time contract was approved.

---Part-time contracts were also approved for Peggy Rutten, math; and Soleil Palubicki, English.

---Jean Long, school readiness coordinator, was approved for a half-time contract.

---Para-professional Elaine Walk was reduced to 20 hours per week.

---Resignation of para-professional Eileen Ternus was approved.

---Maternity leave was approved for English teacher Jill Walter.