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Hennagir pens second book in fantasy adventure series

Perham author Jace Hennagir is pictured with his most recent book, "The Knights of Aledgen." To his right is Brandon Torgerson, whom Hennagir commissioned to design the cover art and a map for the book.1 / 3
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Two Perham grads have combined their talents to produce "The Knights of Aledgen," the second book in author Jace Hennagir's Adventures of Ages series.

Hennagir lives in Perham with his wife, Katie (Hayden) Hennagir, and son, Jack. Since college, writing has been his passion. Inspired by such works as Lord of the Rings, Beowulf, and The Sword of Truth series, Hennagir aims to bring the same sense of adventures, intrigue, magic, and fun to his readers.

"As kids we all grew up loving fairy tales for the excitement and joy that they brought to our lives," explains Hennagir. "Some outgrew those stories long ago. The rest of us live the adventure every day."

After releasing his first book, "The Legacy of Drayen Oduun," in November of 2008, Hennagir immediately went to work on the second book in the Adventures of Ages series. "The Knights of Aledgen" was published in February 2009 through Create Space, a self-publishing subsidiary of Amazon.

When Hennagir had finished his second book, he enlisted the help of his friend and fellow Perham High School graduate Brandon Torgerson. Torgerson is a 1996 PHS grad, with Hennagir graduating with the Class of 1997.

"I'd seen Brandon's wildlife artwork. I e-mailed him and asked if he would be interested in painting the cover art," says Hennagir.

Torgerson accepted Hennagir's offer, eager to try his hand at a new type of art. He ended up painting the cover art on the computer through Photoshop. Torgerson explains, "You can use different brushes that emulate various types of brush strokes."

He essentially created the finished painting layer by layer on the computer. "It was different from doing my wildlife painting because I could make stuff up as I was going, instead of having to try to make it perfectly lifelike," says Torgerson.

One of the challenges he encountered was bringing a face to Hennagir's main character, Aledgen Oduun. Before he started the cover art, Hennagir provided Torgerson with a list of physical descriptions of Aledgen.

In choosing what picture to paint on the cover, Hennagir described a couple of the major scenes from the book to Torgerson, and then gave him the freedom to pick which of the selected scenes he wanted to paint.

"I then had Brandon read a few of the chapters to get a feel for it," says Hennagir. "I'm glad it turned out the way it did; it looks great."

The only thing that Torgerson ended up changing after showing the finished painting to Hennagir was the main character's hair color. In addition to painting the cover, Torgerson also designed a map to go along with the book.

Writing is still a relatively new pursuit for Hennagir, who began writing fantasy adventure stories when he was 20 years old. "I don't really know what 'flipped the switch' inside of me, but for some reason I just had an overwhelming urge to write despite the fact that I didn't know how to do it, where to begin, or what my ultimate goal actually was," he explains. "I just knew that I wanted to tell stories."

Hennagir says he has a very active imagination, and often finds pieces of himself in the characters he creates. His main character, Aledgen Oduun, is based on a friend of his, and the relationship he has with his father.

By day, Hennagir teaches social studies at the Alternative Learning Center in Perham. At night, after his son goes to bed, is when he finds the time to write. Even with a family and another occupation, Hennagir's passion for "telling stories" has driven him to start on a third book in the series.

With an average of six to eight months spent writing each book, Hennagir anticipates the next book will be out by the end of the year. And when it comes time to create the cover art, Hennagir says he'll put in a call to Torgerson and the two will work together to bring another scene to fruition.

For more information on Adventures of Ages, visit Hennagir's books are sold on his website, and at and Books are available in paperback and digitally for the Amazon Kindle.

"Knights of Aledgen" book summary

Aledgen Oduun and his motley band of companions return once again to stand against the terror that is the Metugaedian Empire and its tyrant ruler, Emperor Ghis.

Having his best friend, Rina Celestin, taken from him by the warlock, Omagus, Aledgen vows revenge upon the Empire and to save Rina from the hands of the Emperor. But while Aledgen is away, the soldiers of Val'Metugod march upon the dwarven kingdom of Doharrow'Din Loire, set upon destroying it once and for all.

Torn between friendship and duty, Aledgen races against time to save both his friend and the homeland of the dwarves.