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Lund Mania Tourney looking for spotters

The Lund Mania Fishing Tournament on Otter Tail Lake is approaching and organizers are looking for volunteers to sign up as spotters.

Those interested in fishing in the tournament July 3 should register to enter one of the remaining available spots in the 50-team field.

Spotters are needed to ride with teams competing in the tournament and verify fish measurements.

The spotter's job is to ride in the boat with the competitors, and when a fish is caught, oversee the documentation. The fishermen take a photo and measure the fish. The spotter verifies the length.

Spotters will be drawn for placement during a rules meeting Thursday, July 2, 7 p.m., at New York Mills City Hall. Spotters must be in attendance.

Spotters are not allowed to bring GPS units in the boat.

Qualifications of a good spotter:

- Enjoy spending 7 hours in a boat regardless of weather conditions.

- Able to spend 7 hours on the water in a boat without the ability to go to shore.

- Good physical condition.

- Honest.

The top 10 teams to finish on July 3 will pull their boats in the New York Mills Parade. At the end of the parade the winning team will be announced in front of Central Park.

Spotters will have the honor of driving the trucks that pull the top 10 boats in the parade.

Anyone interested in being a spotter should contact Al at 218-385-2300.