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Sculpture Park undergoing spruce up for 125th

A crew of Minnesota Concentrated Employment Program (CEP) Employees will be out at the New York Mills Regional Cultural Center on June 18, June 29, and June 30 to help the cultural center refresh the park in time for the 125th Anniversary Celebration.

The crew will pick up litter, repair and paint the sculpture name plates, mulch around the trees, weed whip, and help prime and paint the fence, and prime and paint the geese sculpture and the corn sculpture.

Preparing for the new sculpture

The crew will be digging for a new footing in preparation for a new sculpture. The sculpture is an eagle carved out of Kasota Limestone by well-known Bemidji artist Duane Goodwin.

About the sculpture park fence

The fence was installed in 1998 as a community project led by artist Jim Brenner. The local people created the unique iron corncobs at a community iron pour. By using small objects in the iron molds that represent their personality, beliefs or anything that holds special meaning in their lives, the corncobs each tell a personal story. The fence offers a snapshot of time in New York Mills history through these individual corncobs. Many community members sponsored a section of fence for 25 dollars to help cover the cost of installation of this fence back in 1998.

The fence is 11 years old this June, and the cultural center would like to refresh the paint on the fence in time for the July 4th celebrations.

The fence will be sandblasted and primed with the help of a local contractor and the CEP crew. Would you like to paint your fence sections? June 30 from 10 a.m. until 8 p.m. the cultural center will have paint ready for the community to paint the fence.

Repairing old sculptures

The Ferrous Trio, the cluster of three dinosaurs built out of old farm equipment by an anonymous artist (Ima Farmer) have been removed from the park for repairs. Local sculptor Tim Cassidy has volunteered his time and materials to fix the dinosaurs, and will re-install the trio when repairs are complete.

Sculpture park needs you

Anyone who would like to help with the sculpture park project should contact the cultural center.

Volunteers are needed to paint two sculptures and the corn fence sections.

Materials needed include metal primer, oil based paint, two yards of mulch, landscape fabric for young trees, 24 bags of Quickcrete concrete for new sculpture base, 12 cans of flat black Rustoleum paint and 20 2" paintbrushes.

Any community members who wish to help refresh this unique piece of New York Mills history are asked to contact the cultural center. 218-385-3339